Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Loving I'm What... Yoda.

I constantly get tired of simply titling these WILW posts "What I'm Loving this Wednesday!"
So I thought I'd mix it up.. (Disclaimer: I have never seen Starwars #shocking! But one time my brother tried to force me to watch it.. I was like 3, of course he was going to fail, such a dumb adolescent boy. haha)

Also: On a side note - Here's a story that only further hilights how strange I am..

I'm currently making a shot-book page for one of my friends (more on that on Thursday), and when I got home from Michaels (Obvi I had to go spend tons of moolahh on crafting supplies..) no one else was home but the dog.. and I walked in the door and said to myself "lets get down to business.." so I obviously had to continue that phrase with "TO DEFEAT THE HUNS".. then I continued to sing the rest of the song to my dog - I think this fall break thing has really done wonders for my social life..

But really.. Lets get down to business... 
(yup, now you want to say it don't you? Well I'll do it, "TO DEFEAT THE HUNS!" you can thank me later, oh and you can also thank me for getting that song stuck in your head.. #oops?)

1. I'm totally loving making this shot-book page!
For those of you who don't know what a shot-book is feel free to click here (what it is) or here (for a how-to) and enlighten yourself! Now these pages are supposed to be fun.. and well I'm going to be really honest here, I'm a slightly obsessive crafter. Like you want a craft done? I'll be the first to volunteer. I'm always the one that wants to draw announcements in chalk for the respective clubs I'm in at school.. and I may or may not miss the really crafty (Think poster presentations and fictional "journals") projects of high school. So ultimately, this shot book page has taken me most of the day (#embarrassing #perfectionist) and it's been one of the most fun days of my fall break! hahaha (Don't worry, there will be a post on the page on Thursday!)

2. The colder weather! 
(I'm like really upset that the title of this #2 won't center.. Get it together blogger!)
This may seem totally absurd seeing as most people hate for the fall weather to come strolling in - but lets be real, how many of you can't wait to pull on your wellie boots, your bean boots, your patagonias and smart wool socks? I know I'm one of those people! I just think after awhile the warm weather gets a little old - as in I stop getting excited about being able to wear my fun colored J.Crew shorts and my uniform quickly becomes norts and t-shirts.. thats never a good look. So CHEERS to being able to see your breath and seat heaters in our cars!

Yup, I laughed at myself as I made this #myownbiggestfan
3. Blankets.. specifically this one.
Another totally absurd thing about me, if you didn't already gather it from #2, I L-O-V-E the cold! Both inside and outside I love being cold. I mean when you're cold you can always put on more layers, but if you're too hot.. whelp, being naked isn't always acceptable haha. Thus, my house is kept at a frigid temperature (like 67 - 69 at most, I know, my mom and I are psychotic) and I find myself constantly snuggling up in either my down comforter or this fluffy baby from target.
I was hesitant to spend $50-some dollars on a simple blanket, but it was easily the best investment of my college career - just ask the girls that live with me at school, we're all constantly curled up underneath it on the couch! Plus it's Shabby Chic, so essentially it's stylish, right? hahaha
I don't love Miley/Hannah, or whatever she's being called these days, (Do we even know her real identity?!) very much, for reasons unknown...- but this quote fits me to a tee haha - Oh and it's extra large, taking up your entire screen, because I want you to be able to read the script at the bottom.. So thoughtful, I know :) haha

4. My new socks from J.Crew!
Yes, I am so lame that I bought really cool and comfy socks from J.Crew yesterday - what can you do, "haters gon' hate" (aka: my mother and father who find the purchase frivolous..) I'm wearing these babies today, and my little tootsies aren't the slightest bit chilly. Plus I'm totally counting on these guys to look great with my bean boots and my new fryes (and leggings, because yes ladies, sometimes leggings can be pants #gasp!)

5. One last lame thing: The Mumford and Sons biography
(and their music of course!)
Okay, there is a story behind this I promise!
As I've been writing this post, and making the shot book page, my mom and I have been in the kitchen jamming to Mumford & Sons (naturally..) - and she asked me where they were from because their accents are so strong. 
Me, being the tech-savy gal I am, googled (ha SO tech-savy) Mumford & Sons and came upon their biography on their website. Let me just say it is BEAUTIFULLY written - I am not a terrible writer, I wouldn't say I'm the best, but reading their biography had both mine and my mom's jaws on the ground it is so amazingly written.. So if you like reading stories or biographies (about musicians we all love, obvi!) with wonderfully detailed adjectives that only add to the picturesque descriptions of this band - then click here and read on :)
Ps: Favorite line:
How can you NOT love that?

Okay, thats it for this Wednesday - back to my shot-book fun!
Everyone else have stuff their loving this wednesday?
Feel free to share!
Or any shot book page making experience? I'd LOVE advice :)

Aaand just because I had this song stuck in my head while writing this entire post:


Laura said...

Thanks for your comment- you are so cute! That You Tube was hilarious!!! Loved it!! I'm a huge fan of that boots/socks/leggings picture, so cute!! Are the JCrew socks tall like that...I might have to check them out!

Turtles and Pearls said...

Your posts always make me smile! I've actually never seen StarWars either.....oh well! And I love those socks. I am totally wearing cushy fair isle socks under my boots right now. haha Enter my 2PreppyGirls giveaway!!!

Staley Mc said...

Love the sock boots! I have been wanting a pair!! I have never looked at Mumford&Sons website, I might need to check it out! I appreciate good writing!

Catherine said...

Great post! I love those socks.

Caitlin C. said...

You are TOO funny.. I think I cracked up throughout this entire post. Love the socks andd that comfy blanket... I'm a fan of cold weather too!

Rachel @ Just Peachy said...

I love blankets! You can never have enough fluffy ones. And I'm so excited to start wearing my high socks and boots again.. I may need to buy some more though. I bought mine at Target last year! Unfortunately my J.Crew store (the one I work at) doesn't have high socks yet.

Josie said...

Ummmm, I LOVE your new J. Crew socks. Like, adore them. So yes: haters gon' hate, but know that at least one person out there thinks they're freaking awesome.
xo Josie